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Spring 2016 Seminars

The Department of Pharmacy Systems, Outcomes and Policy hosts Research Seminars every Thursday during the Fall and Spring semesters. Speakers include graduate students, faculty, and esteemed guest lecturers. If you were unable to attend, or would like to rewatch one of the lectures please click the link below.

Please note, if there is no link, the seminar video is unavailable at this time.

DateSpeakerTitleView Here
Apr. 27, 2016Anika Kaczynski,
MSc, BSc
"Healthcare Valuation using Patient Preferences: An illustration
of methodology."
View Here
Apr. 21, 2016Michael Wolf,
"Making Healthcare Work for Patients: The Emergence of Health
Literacy Research."
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Apr. 14, 2016Wan-Ju Lee"Risk of infections in chldren and young adults with juvenile
idiopathic arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis treated with tumor
necrosis factor alpha inhibitors."
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Apr. 7,
Pankaj Patel"Application of pharmacoeconomic research for HTA decision
making: a real life example from Canada."
Mar. 31, 2016Rachel Harrington"Characterizing pediatric multi-morbidity: population, medication
use and health outcomes."
Mar. 17, 2016Lisa Sharp,
"Approaches to measuring medication adherence: what’s new?"View Here
Mar. 10, 2016Patricia Lurvey,
"Pharmaceutical ethics - efficacious or placebo?"View Here
Mar. 3, 2016Deval Gor,
PhD Candidate
"Cost-effectiveness of a novel pharmacist guided warfarin
pharmacogenetic service."
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Feb. 25, 2016Patrick Zueger,
PhD Candidate
"Utilization patterns and outcomes associated with the discontinuation
of medications of limited benefit in medicate beneficiaries receiving hospice care."
Feb. 18, 2016Bruce Lambert,
"Predicting, detecting, and preventing drug name confusions and other
wrong drug errors."
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Feb. 11, 2016Spencer Harpe,
PharmD, PhD, MPH
"GAISE-ing into improvements in statistics education."View Here
Jan. 28, 2016James Shaw,
PharmD, PhD
"Relative value assessment in oncology."View Here
Jan. 26, 2016Michal Jakubczy,
"Choosing from multiple alternatives in cost-efffectiveness analysis with
fuzzy willingness-to-pay/accept."
View Here
Jan. 21, 2016Marc Atkins,
"Dissemination and implementation science: an ecological perspective."View Here